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Your full daily servings of fruits, greens, superfoods, mushrooms, and vegetables in one easy scoop...

Only the best whole food ingredients, including superfoods like spirulina, wheatgrass, green tea extract (from the highest quality sources, all over the globe)...

Countless nutrients and minerals (many of which are not found in everyday foods)...

Essential prebiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes (to improve gut health)...

Improved weight loss results and optimum health (in just 30 seconds a day)...

And a healthy, sustained energy boost (without any crash)...

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    Beth W.

    "December 26th will be my one year anniversary. What a difference a year can make. It doesn’t happen overnight but it will happen with God’s help. Began at 216. This morning 136.3. "

    Kelly P.

    "My life and health have made an amazing change thanks to God, Isabel and the team at NLP! I weighed over 200 lbs in 2018. Now I weigh 141 and I LOVE my new life"

    Kathleen P.

    "I Was so happy to be in a size 10 last month but now I need a size 8! My weight seems to not change too much but my measurements are changing. Crazy but cool!"